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Due to the weather dependency of parasailing in the Caribbean our bookings are typically done on a day to day basis, – that way deposits, refunds, you can’t find us, we can’t find you, are all avoided making for a better experience. Trust us it works !

On island guests: If you are staying on island please give us a call the morning you’d like to fly with where you’re staying, some idea of when you’d like to go and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. Whatever you do don’t leave it until the last day in case that ‘weather dependency thing’ we occasionally struggle with puts the mockers on your plans. During peak vacation times it’s advised to call us early morning from around 8.30am so you don’t miss out*
For cruise ship guests: If you will be visiting via cruise ship you’re of course welcome to call us upon arrival to make a reservation however our good friends at Discount Excursions are very good with cruise guest pre-bookings. They’ll meet you at the terminal, bring you to the dock for our boat pickup at no extra charge, all making for hassle free convenience. Click the button below to visit their online booking site.
For further information please call us on : +1 (345) 916 2953
Cruise Ship Guests